FlightCar Launches Monthly Service That Offers Recurring PaymentsFlightCar

Posted Aug 5, 2013

Cambridge based FlightCar is launching a new, full-service, park-and-share program that is designed to automatically pay owners a recurring monthly cut of car-share income at between $150-$400 regardless of whether their cars are rented.  This is on top of saving the car owners within hundreds of dollars associated with parking fees.  This program is called FlightCar Monthly.

FlightCar CEO Rujul Zaparde expects this program to appeal to professionals, college students, downtown residents, and monthly customers of public parking garages.

By agreeing to allow FlightCar users to rent their car for at least 26 out of a 30-day period, car owners will automatically receive a check between $150-$400 per month depending on the make and model year.  Customers benefit from added conveniences like free vehicle pickup, monthly auto-renewal, $1 million in insurance, town car services, and a car wash.  FlightCar Monthly customers can use their car or equivalent one, for free anytime for up to 4 days per month.

People that want to sign up for Flightcar Monthly can do so by visiting FlightCar.com/Monthly.