Flipboard 2.0 Lets You Curate Publications

Posted Mar 27, 2013

Flipboard is a popular news reading mobile application that has been updated to allow readers curate content from multiple sources.  Known as Flipboard 2.0, the update also has a “+” button so that readers can save/share stories.  This new feature is also available as a bookmarklet on the web known as “Flip It,” which can be found at https://share.flipboard.com/.

“With more than 50 million users, Flipboard is used every day as a place to catch up on the things you care about,” stated Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. “But starting now, it’s also a great place to share opinions, save favorite stories, and express your point of view. This is our biggest release ever and one that we think will open an entirely new experience for our readers.”

When creating a magazine and deciding the name of it, curators can make their magazines public or private.  If the curator makes the magazine public, they can monitor the interactions that their readers have using the Flipboard Notifications tool.

Other new features includes the ability to change the covers and the ability to share the magazine on social networks.  To ensure publisher satisfaction, Flipboard will maintain the attribution of the content and links to the source.  The new Flipboard app also lets you discover content that have been published by other readers in the Content Search section.

To top off the update, Flipboard partnered with Etsy to make it easier for users to find and shop for creative products.  You can download Flipboard 2.0 now on the Apple App Store now.