Flipboard buys Zite from CNN

Posted Mar 5, 2014

Zite is a personalized iPad magazine app and was acquired by CNN over two years ago. Now Flipboard is buying Zite from CNN. CNN content will be pushed through Flipboard as part of the deal, including breaking news, business news, entertainment news, and technology news. Zite’s technology will be integrated into Flipboard over time.

Here is what Zite wrote in a blog post:

Flipboard has been linked with our history since the moment we decided to build a news product. What they were able to accomplish on the barely-capable hardware of the first-gen iPad amazed us and inspired us to build Zite exclusively for the iPad (a decision that seemed crazier then than it would now). When we launched people instantly wondered if we were a ?Flipboard killer?, and I?ve had to answer more questions about being in their shadow in the last three years than I care to count. At times, I found the comparison frustrating: Zite?s focus was on topics, while Flipboard was mostly about publications; Flipboard was a reader for social media but Zite tried hardest to find articles you couldn?t find on your Twitter feed. The two products look superficially similar but couldn?t be more different under the hood.

[Source: TNW]