Flipboard CEO Mike McCue Steps Down From Twitter Board

Posted Aug 2, 2012

Flipboard co-founder and CEO Mike McCue announced that he has stepped down from the Twitter board of directors.  “To the @Twitter team: it was amazing to be part of the board. You’re truly changing the world. Thanks @ev @jack @dick [actually should be @dickc] for the opportunity,” tweeted McCue.   ?Thanks for the time, enthusiasm, and passion you?ve brought to everything happening here. Remember the slide you showed me in 2009?!?

McCue joined the Twitter board of directors in December 2010 after the company landed a huge round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins.  Many people are speculating that McCue’s departure from Twitter has to do with many third-party developers getting pissed off by Twitter’s API changes.

?We are still big fans of what Twitter does and we continue to support Twitter across Flipboard,? stated a Flipboard representative in an interview with VentureBeat.