Flipboard updates “Cover Stories” to support user preferences

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Flipboard has updated the “Cover Stories” feature so that content is tailored based on what users read. Stories will be arranged according to your favorites in sections. The user’s stories will be organized based on the source, social network, and topic. This helps users skip content that they do not want to read and catch up on highlights.

“Start by flipping through your Cover Stories. Notice how story groups are indicated at the top of each page. Try tapping on the blue ‘More?’ link at the bottom of the page to jump to a full feed. Your Cover Stories will learn how you use Flipboard; over time, it?ll feature content from the sections you pay most attention to more prominently, and you can always mute people in your Cover Stories,” said Flipboard on the company blog.

Cover Stories previously offered a mix of articles and social updates based on user subscriptions. Users apparently found this interface to be a mess though. The update also includes a feature that lets users add bookmarks to the Safari Reading List as articles are browsed in Flipboard.

The update is available on both Android and iOS.