Flipboard Is Now Accessible On The Web

Posted Jul 23, 2013

Flipboard first started out on the iPad three years ago as the first tablet-only personal magazine.  This application aggregated news feeds from across the web and turned it into a swipe able layout.  Flipboard has launched an iPhone app, an Android app, and is now working on a Windows 8 app.  Flipboard is now launching on the desktop.

Earlier this year, Flipboard launched a feature where users were given the ability to create magazines based on their own curated preferences.  These magazines are now readable on desktop browsers.  The web version of the app has the same key features as it does on mobile devices like cover photos, pages that can flip, and the ability to share whole magazines (or individual pages within them).  The app has the ability to toss photos and articles in your own magazines.  You can use the arrow keys or trackpad to flip from page to page.  A version of Flipboard that completely mimics the a mobile app will arrive in the next six months.

?When we were first thinking about Flipboard, we were thinking we were going to do a desktop version of the product on the website,? stated Flipboard CEO Mike McCue.  Back then, HTML5 was not as fully developed as it is today.  This is why the company fully focused on the tablet version of their product.

When creating an Android app, Flipboard was able to easier transition to the web version.  The company built a new layout engine for Android that is optimized in magazine style pages for various screen sizes on that platform.  This worked well for the desktop also.  A desktop version of Flipboard has been one of the most requested features.  So far 2 million Flipboard magazines have been created.