Flipboard Sees 3 Million New Users Since 2.0 Version Launched

Posted Apr 13, 2013

Flipboard is a digital magazine application on iOS and Android that curates articles from some of the top publishers.  After rolling Flipboard 2.0 late last month, around 500,000 magazines have been created.  Flipboard 2.0 allowed users to curate their own publications by aggregating content from various sources.

Magazines were built around education, sports, and television shows.  Some of the most popular magazines are about Game of Thrones, the Red Sox, the Yankees, travel and coffee.  About three million people have joined Flipboard ever since Flipboard 2.0 was launched.  Now Flipboard has 53 million users with about six billion pages being flipped per month.  Over 50% of users are reading magazines every day.  You can see additional stats on an infographic published on the Flipboard blog.

Flipboard also recently announced a new feature called “Flip It.”  Flip It allows websites and users to add content like stories, audio, and video from a website into their magazines.  You can download Flipboard from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.