FluidHTML Creating A New Markup Language That Will Make Flash As Easy To Create As HTML

Posted Sep 16, 2009

FluidHTML is working on a new mark-up language called Fhtml that will help make videos in Adobe Flash as easy as programming HTML. Adobe is currently trying to find ways to create the ability for Flash video content to be indexed by search engines. Currently the text within web programming languages are the driving force behind what is index, but text within Flash documents are difficult to index by search engines.

While getting a language to become mainstream is difficult, FluidHTML believes that they have a chance because millions of websites run Flash and less people are finding HTML to be appealing. Fhtml will not need to be compiled like Flex, Silverlight, and Flash to work on web browsers. FluidHTML was founded by Jim Kremens and the CEO is Michael Collette. The company is searching for $1-$2 million in funding next month.

The way FluidHTML will make money is by charging a low fee to publishers, but developers will have access to the markup language for fre.There will also be open APIs available in January.