Flyby is the first consumer app that uses Google Project Tango image recognition technology

Posted Mar 5, 2014

Flyby is a messaging application that lets users share text and recorded videos. It is the first app that uses recognition capabilities using Google “Project Tango.” Project Tango is an Android-based smartphone that has 3D sensors, which can build visual maps.

Flyby Media was founded by Cole Van Nice and Oriel Bergig in 2010. Flyby CEO Mihir Shah used to be CEO of Tapjoy.

Flyby lets users scan any object in the real world like hats, coffee cups, posters, etc. These items are added to their collection of saved objects. Friends can send messages to each other and recipients are alerted when they are in close proximity to an object that has a message attached.

To unlock the shared video, the Flyby app is used for scanning the object. The image recognition abilities built into the app can understand what the object is.