Flypaper Studio, Inc. Launches At DEMO 08′ and Raises $3 Million Series A

Posted Feb 9, 2008

Flypaper Studio, Inc. is a media software company that announced recently that they have raised $3 million in Series A.  The funding was provided by Menlo Park’s Sierra Ventures and Phoenix’s SCF Arizona. 

“We can easily see how Flypaper solves a problem for businesses, while providing something very simple and attractive for consumer use as well,” stated David Schwab, MD of Sierra Ventures. “Early recognition of Flypaper has been substantial. With Pat Sullivan and his team leading the way, we anticipate growth of the company and success of the product to come very quickly.”

Flypaper launched at DEMO 2008 in late January and won the DEMOgod award.  Flypaper allows users to download a software that makes it easy to create and edit Flash content.  Flypaper has templates that can be downloaded and edited from the website. Below is Pat Sullivan, CEO of Flypaper’s presentation at DEMO: