Footage of Steve Jobs giving the first public Mac demo surfaces

Posted Jan 26, 2014

About 30 years ago, Apple launched the “1984” Super Bowl commercial during the Super Bowl. On January 24, 1984, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs presented the Mac computer at the Flint Center in California. And then he did a public demo of the Mac at the Boston Computer Society six days later. The footage of that appearance has surfaced by TIME.

“I would have been there, if I hadn?t blown it,” stated TIME’s Harry McCracken writes. “What I was doing the night that Steve Jobs came to Boston I don?t remember, but I?ve been wincing about my misplaced priorities ever since.”

McCracken reached out to the people that were involved with the event and found out that there was analog recordings. Three people at the Boston Computer Society worked with another organization and a VC to digitize the video. Below is the 90-minute video:

[Source: TIME]