Ford Motor Company (F) to add 5,000 U.S. jobs and open 3 global factories in 2014

Posted Dec 13, 2013

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will be launching 23 new vehicles (16 debuting in North America) next year. Some of the newest models will be the redesigned Ford Mustang, Ford Transit van, Lincoln MKC, Ford Edge, and Ford F-Series pickups. The company will be opening three new factories in Asia and South America. Over 5,000 U.S. jobs will be created to support the growing demand for their vehicle.

?Next year, we are embarking on our most ambitious global launch year ever to meet customer demand for our products around the world,? stated Raj Nair, group vice president, Ford global product development.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is expected to produce 6 million vehicles in 2013, which is around 16 vehicles per minute. The Ford Focus is expected to hit 1.1 million in sales worldwide this year. Ford is also expecting to sell over 730,000 F-Series trucks this year.

?We saw unprecedented growth in the United States this year, especially in the midsize and utility segments,? stated Joe Hinrichs, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) president of The Americas. ?With the addition of 16 new products to our showroom, including Ford Mustang, our momentum continues.?

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will be hiring over 6,000 employees in Asia next year, mostly hourly employees. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will be creating over 5,000 new jobs, including 3,300 full-time positions. This is the company’s largest hiring initiatives since 2000.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) created over 14,000 jobs in North America in the past two years. Over 80% of the new salaried jobs will be in product development, manufacturing, quality, and information technology. The company is also hiring 400 power-train engineers.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will be investing $1.1 billion to retool and expand their Kansas City assembly plant for production of the new Transit. The expansion will lead to an addition of 2,000 jobs and 1,000 are new hires.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) also recently announced a new Ford Fusion hybrid research vehicle. The new Ford Fusion hybrid research vehicle will be used to advance automated driving and other technologies. This is part of a partnership with University of Michigan and State Farm. Here is a photo of the vehicle:

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