Ford Acknowledges That MyFord Touch Needs Improvements

Posted Nov 12, 2012

Consumer Reports really penalized the Ford Motor Company brand for flaws with the MyFordTouch communications system.  MyFordTouch is a replacement for traditional dials, buttons, and knobs that control functions like heating, AC, and radio.  MyFord Touch uses voice activation, a touch screen, and steering wheel-mounted controllers.  Below is a statement that Ford CEO Alan Mulally had to say about the problems MyFordTouch had in an interview with Auto News.

One misstep, he said, may have been the company’s decision to give Ford buyers multiple ways of controlling the increasingly complex electronics in their cars.

Some consumers, he said, prefer touch-screen controls. Some prefer voice activation, while others like controllers such as those used in consumer electronics and video games.

Ford built all three into its systems. But in doing so, it underestimated the progress that was coming in voice-activated commands, Mulally said.

When Ford started developing the system, he said: “We only had like 100 voice commands. Today we have 10,000 voice commands. In hindsight, we probably would’ve focused more on the voice activation and maybe a little bit less on the touch screen and then brought that technology along a little slower.


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