Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s Compensation Rises 11% To $29.5 Million

Posted Mar 30, 2012

The salary, cash bonuses, and stock for Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been increased by 11%, adding up to an annual amount of $29.5 million. In 2010, Mulally was paid $26.5 million.

Mulally’s compensation includes $2 million in salary, $5.46 million in cash bonuses, and $22 million in stock awards. Ford cut his cash bonus 42% for a year. Mulally joined Ford from Boeing in 2006. He helped engineer a turn-around in the company’s globalizing operations and cut costs. He also pushed for fuel-efficient models like the Fiesta.

Executive Chairman Bill Ford received a total compensation of $14.5 million, which is down 45% from 2010. In 2011, Bill Ford received $2 million in salary, $1.56 million bonuses, and $10.9 million in stock.