Ford Changes Motto To “Go Further”

Posted Jan 30, 2012

Ford’s motto used to be “Drive One” in North America and “Feel the Difference” in Europe. Now they are shifting their brand name to “Go Further” across North America and Europe. The new slogan was supposedly inspired by the powerful mottos “Just Do It” by Nike and “I’m Lovin’ It” by McDonalds.

Their new motto was also inspired by the fact that Ford came close to collapsing six years ago, but ended up making it through the recession of 2008 in an amazing comeback. Chrysler, one of Ford’s largest rivals, has received a lot of positive feedback for their “Imported from Detroit” campaign that featured Eminem recently.

However Ford and Chrysler’s brands are not rated very high by the Interbrand index compared to their international rivals. Toyota was in 11th place, Mercedes-Benz was in 2nd place, BMW was in 15th place, and Honda was in 19th place, and Volkswagen was in 47th place on the Interbrand index. Ford tailed behind at 50th place.