Ford Motor Company (F) sales in China jumped 53% in January

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) sales in China jumped 53% in January. Ford announced today that they sold a record 94,466 wholesale vehicles last month compared to 61,567 in January 2013. The number of passenger cars sold from the Changan Ford Automobile partnership saw 62% growth.

Sales of the Ford Focus hit 36,385, which is an increase of 8% over the month one year ago. The Ford Mondeo hit sales growth of 51%. Ford beat Toyota and Honda last year with a total of 935,813 vehicles, which is up 49% over 2012. Clearly, Ford was able to benefit from a revamp of their vehicle line-up in China.

Japanese manufacturers had to deal with boycotts in 2013.  Volkswagen is the top foreign car company in China with sales of 3.27 million vehicles in 2013. GM sold 3.16 million vehicles there, which puts them in second place. GM said that their sales in China jumped 12% to 348,061 vehicles for January due to an increased demand for Buick vehicles.

[Source: FOX]