Ford Helped Keep 120 Million Pounds Of Damaged Parts Out Of Landfills Since 2003

Posted Jan 3, 2013

Ford Motor Company has an excellent remanufacturing program.  Through the program, the Michigan-based auto company kept 120 million pounds of damaged vehicle parts from entering landfills since 2003.  The Core Recovery Program covers the remanufacturing and recycling of damaged parts like sensors, engine parts, and headlights from Ford vehicles that are repaired through the dealer network.

“Most parts that come back to us through the program still have a lot of life left,” stated Ford manager of remanufacturing and recycling programs Kim Goering. “That makes a strong business case to do whatever we can to extend the life of these components. Even more important, however, is that Ford strongly believes it’s just the right thing to do from an environmental perspective.”

Ford has been remanufacturing parts for a long time now, but the Core Recovery Program was officially launched in 2003.  The Core Recovery Program helped Ford with collecting complex and expensive parts.  Over 85% of each Ford vehicle made today is recyclable.

[Source: The College Driver]