Ford Demos Cars That Can Park Themselves As Driver Watches From Outside

Posted Oct 8, 2013

This week, Ford Futures gave a demonstration in Belgium of a new feature coming to their cars.  One of the newest features is a system called the Fully Assisted Parking Aid.  Through this feature, the driver can step out of the vehicle and walk away as the car parks itself.  The car can automatically scan the road for large openings and let themselves in.  Incredible!

Ford Motor Company is also building an avoidance system that combines automatic steering with automatic braking.  This lets a car apply the breaks before hitting an obstacle, which could help avoid rear-end collisions.  The system detects the obstacle from 200 meters ahead using cameras and ultrasonic sensors.  The driver is also warned through a chime if something appears to be wrong.  If the driver does not react, the car will.

Check out the demo below:

[Source: CNET]