Ford Launches A Car Sharing Program In Germany Called Ford2Go

Posted Mar 4, 2013

Ford Motor Company has launched a new car-sharing service in Germany called Ford2Go through a partnership with Flinkster.  Ford2Go is Ford’s first car sharing program and it will be available across Germany.  Ford2Go allows customers to get cars and services from local dealers.

The auto company launched the program in response to a survey that was conducted about how European residents have a high interest in sharing cars.  About 56% of respondents in the survey of over 6,000 people said that they were interested in a car-sharing service.

This is the second car sharing company that Ford has partnered with.  Ford announced a two-year agreement with Zipcar in August 2011.  Ford was the largest supplier of Ford vehicles for the college market.

Ford also has a dedicated application-based car location and booking system that was created by DB Rent.  They plan to roll out the Ford2Go network over the course of this year.