Ford Motor Company Devoting Research Lab To Hybrids and EVs

Posted Apr 2, 2012

Ford Motor Company has announced that they are going to be devoting one of their largest research labs to developing hybrids, electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids. Their 285,000 square foot advanced engineering center in Dearborn, Michigan will be the go-to location for Ford’s research effects to develop advanced fuel-efficient vehicles.

This year Ford plans on offering 9 vehicles that will have more than 40MPG. These vehicles will include the Ford Focus Electric and plug-in hybrid sedan 2013 Ford Fusion Energi.

Around a decade ago, Ford research showed that customers were rejecting them because of poor fuel economy said Ford’s head of global product development Raj Nair. ?Now people are coming to us because we do have superior fuel economy to the majority of our competitors, and that?s going to be the heart of our strategy going forward.”