Ford Motor Company (F) board to press Alan Mulally into making a decision

Posted Dec 12, 2013

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) board of directors are going to press for CEO Alan Mulally to make a decision on his future. There is a speculation that Mulally will be hired as the new CEO of Microsoft as a successor to Steve Ballmer. Mulally, 68, supposedly has not flat out refused the job offer. It appears that Mulally is still mulling on it.

This issue will be discussed when the Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) board meets on Thursday. Mulally is a board member, but it is uncertain about whether he will be at the meeting. The directors will either press him this week or next week to make a decision.

One of the sources with Ford’s board of directors said that the Mulally story is drowning out news about other important Ford news like the new Mustang. A Ford spokesperson said that Mulally is going to stay at Ford through 2014.

Mulally has been credited for helping revive Ford since taking over at the company in 2006. His role has been scaling back though.

If Mulally leaves the company, it is believed that chief operating officer Mark Fields will become the next CEO.

[Source: Reuters]