Ford Motor Company (F) Celebrates 100th Anniversary Of Moving Assembly Line

Posted Oct 7, 2013

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the moving assembly line.  Ford now has a goal of increasing their global flexible manufacturing to product an average of four different models at each plant around the world by 2017.  This would be the largest manufacturing expansion in 50 years with 8 new assembly plants and 6 new powertrains.  This would retain approximately 130,000 manufacturing jobs around the world.  Ford is ramping up their new advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, advanced prototyping, robotics, virtual simulation, etc.  Today marks the 100th anniversary of the moving assembly line that was invented by Ford Motor Company under Henry Ford’s leadership.

“One hundred years ago, my great-grandfather had a vision to build safe and efficient transportation for everyone,” stated Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “I am proud he was able to bring the freedom of mobility to millions by making cars affordable to families and that his vision of serving people still drives everything we do today.”  Starting in 2017, almost all Ford vehicles will be built off 9 platforms.  Today Ford is building vehicles on 15 platforms.

“Henry Ford’s core principles of quality parts, workflow, division of labor and efficiency still resonate today,” added Ford EVP of global manufacturing John Fleming. “Building on that tradition, we’re accelerating our efforts to standardize production, make factories more flexible and introduce advanced technologies to efficiently build the best vehicles possible at the best value for our customers no matter where they live.”

Ford is going to open these facilities by 2015:
-2011: Ford Sollers Elabuga Assembly Plant ? Russia
-2012: Ford Sollers Naberezhnye Chelny Assembly Plant ? Russia
-2012: Chongqing #2 Assembly Plant ? China
-2012: Craiova Engine Plant ? Romania
-2012: Ford Thailand Motors ? Thailand
-2013: Chongqing Engine Plant ? China
-2013: Nanchang Assembly ? China
-2014: Camaçari Engine Plant ? Brazil
-2014: Chongqing #3 Assembly Plant ? China
-2014: Chongqing Transmission ? China
-2014: Sanand Assembly Plant ? India
-2014: Sanand Engine Plant ? India
-2015: Hangzhou Assembly ? China
-2015: Ford Sollers Elabuga Engine Plant ? Russia