Ford Redesigning MyTouch After Ratings Drop

Posted Mar 6, 2012

The ratings of the MyFord Touch screen user interface built into new Ford cars have been going down. Ford started building the MyFord Touch as a way to distinguish themselves from competitors. However many Ford buyers became frustrated with flaws in their MyFord Touch systems. Even though the MyFord Touch systems were meant to increase loyalty, the quality ratings at the company have gone down. The MyFord Touch has replaced many of the traditional knobs built into other vehicles. Ford is now issuing a major upgrade and is redesigning what customers are seeing on the screen. Ford is resolving complaints about system crashing and reboots as well.

Fonts are buttons on the screen are being enlarged and the layouts of over 1,000 screens are being revamped. ?We expect that these improvements will put us back on track in the quality ratings,? stated Ford?s group vice president for global product development Derrick Kuzak in an interview with the New York Times. ?It?s more than just an update. This is a substantial upgrade.?

Ford is sending upgrades to customers through USB flash drives. The installations of the new system takes about an hour. If customers prefer, Ford dealers can take care of the upgrade for them. The upgrade kits were sent out yesterday and over 300,000 customers with MyFord Touch in their vehicles can expected the flash drive in the mail later this week.

The irritation people have with MyFord Touch was cited last week by Consumer Reports as a major reason why Ford fell to 10th place this year on the Automaker Report Card. In 2011, Ford was ranked at fifth place. Ford’s rivals like GM, Toyota, and Chrysler have been creating similar features as MyFord Touch, but they have not received as much negative feedback. Ford’s system has climate controls, hands-free communication, and entertainment all in one console. About four out of every five people that have bought a Ford Explorer or Ford Edge have bought configurations that cost at least $5,000 more than the base model.

The basic version of Ford Sync launched in 2007 and costs $295. Ford Sync comes standard on some models of Ford automobiles. One of the major changes in the user interface for the MyFord Touch was the ability to control the heated seats on the home screen. Before a driver had to go through several clicks to get to this option.