Ford Partners With Autonomous Solutions To Develop Robotic Motorists

Posted Jun 18, 2013

Ford Motor Company is working on replacing human drivers with robotic motorists.  Ford is going to take advantage of self-driving technology with the robotic motorists to put vehicles through various durability tests.  Autonomous Solutions Inc. partnered with Ford to create the robotic motorists.  Autonomous Solutions will be using a GPS-based system that is accurate to an inch.

With this amount of precision, up to eight autonomous cars can drive around a test track at the same time 24/7.  Robotic motorists do not need any rest and they can test for long hours at a time.

The way that these cars work is similar to the way that Anki Drive operates.  Anki can use Apple’s smartphones and tablets to control toy cars wirelessly.  Ford can use a wireless connection to send speed and location to a user-operated control room, according to Gizmodo.  The sensors and cameras will keep the cars on track.  The operator can take over a single car at a time.

Ford will use the data to create cars that are ready for the road.  Check out the video below: