Ford To Spend $135M To Design Electric-Drive Parts and Double Battery Testing

Posted Aug 16, 2012

Ford Motor Company will be rolling out five battery-powered models this year and is spending $135 million to design electric-drive parts.  Ford will be doubling battery testing capacity too.

The company is bringing in more battery research in-house and has hired 60 engineers last year to work on electric batteries.  Now the company’s EV engineering staff is at over 1,000 people.  Ford said that these moves will help reduce the cost of hybrid systems by 30% and will speed up development by 25%.

The goal of the electric-drive parts investment is to give consumers “faster access to Ford’s latest and greatest in fuel-saving technologies and vehicles,” according to Ford’ VP of powertrain engineering Joe Bakaj.

Ford currently sells hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric cars.  The company is planning to hire dozens of additional engineers to work on electric-vehicle development.  The 285,000 sq. ft. advanced engineering center near their headquarters is being renamed “Ford Advanced Electrification Center.”


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