Ford Traffic Jam Assist Lets Your Car Drive Itself In Traffic

Posted Jun 27, 2012

Ford is currently researching intelligent driving features that are similar to those that are offered by other carmakers in an industry that is in development of a self-driving car. Vehicles that detect their surroundings and respond by steering, braking, and issuing warnings are being used as a way to make driving safer and more efficient.

At a media event to showcase Ford’s 2013 models, the company announced the Traffic Jam Assist technology that uses radar and cameras to keep a vehicle in its lane and work around the traffic by automatically slowing, stopping, and accelerating.

?Drivers spend more than 30% of their time in heavy traffic,? stated Ford engineer Joseph Urhahne. ?Traffic Jam Assist could help make traveling through congestion a more relaxing experience and, by keeping pace with the flow of traffic, potentially help relieve road congestion.? The Ford Focus, Fusion, and Escape already has motion sensing technologies and this would be an add-on.

Ford’s Traffic Jam Assist is entering a crowded market. Mercedes, Audi, and BMW are all working on their own versions of Traffic Jam Assist. General Motors has a “lane center” system that steers within the lane while the adaptive cruise control system matches speed to cars in the front.

Check out the video demo below: