Ford Using Animation For C-Max Ads

Posted Oct 4, 2012

Ford Motor Company is challenging the Toyota Prius with the C-Max wagon vehicle.  Ford is bringing this vehicle from Europe to the United States.  Ford is promoting the C-Max in the form of an animated ad campaign.  They will debut the commercial on CNN featuring drawings of a character driving a C-Max past a Prius V wagon.

The C-Max is part of Ford’s 6 new hybrids and electric cars.  The Prius line of cars account for 51% of U.S. hybrid sales this year through August.  Ford has a 4% market share.

“When you’re a challenger brand like we are, you have to break through with your message to get noticed,” stated Ford’s global marketing chief and former Toyota exec Jim Farley. “Two-D animation is not something you’re used to seeing. It’s to get people’s attention to say, ‘There’s something new.'”

Ford’s C-Max is rated at 47 miles per gallon in the city and highway.  This is higher than the 44MPG city and 40MPG highway for the Prius V wagon.  The original Prius vehicle is rated at 51MPG in the city and 48MPG on the highway.

“C-Max has lots more horsepower than Prius V, a hybrid that C-Max also bests in mpg,” says Ford in the commercial below:


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