Ford Working With Developers To Make A Sync Application Store

Posted Dec 22, 2009

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working with developers to put together a prototype of what could be one of the first automotive application stores.  The application store will utilize all forms of social media.

“While Facebook probably isn’t the best thing to be concentrating on while driving, what if an app existed that allowed you to update your Facebook status with your location during a road trip? Or what if you wanted your phone to read someone’s Twitter feed? It’s totally doable, and using Sync you’ll never have to touch your phone, let alone look away from the road,” wrote Autoblog editor Jonny Lieberman.

Another strategy Ford has to pursue while developing an application store is to convince developers that they should spend time making applications for cars.  They need to make it fun and give them a financial motive.  Ford Sync has open APIs and tested them with six computer science students at the University of Michigan to make two mobile phone based applications.  One of the applications showcased by the students was called Follow Me.

Follow Me is an application that helps drivers following each other keep track of where they are at all times.  Sometimes there are situations where you are following a car and it goes through a yellow light, while you get stuck at the red light.  The Follow Me app makes it so that you don’t lose the other driver. Another application that was made by a developer uses Sync commands to play specific radio stations using voice commands, including custom radio stations on Pandora.