FORGET PC MODS! Check out 16 Spectacular Apple Mods [Pics]

Posted Dec 9, 2008

1. Mailbox Mac [Wired]

2. Necro Mac [Crunchgear]

3. Lego Mac [TechEBlog]

4. NES Mac [Kotaku]

5. Fish Tank Mac [MacQuarium]

6. Pirate Mac [Andrew Moses’ Clear G3 Mac Mod]

7. Millenium Falcon Mac [Gizmodo]

8. G5 Neon []

9. Quicksilver Mac [MacMod: Wookie1212]

10. Beer Tap G3 []

11. Jack o Lantern Mac [Compelling and Rich]

12. Gold-plated MacBook Pro [Computer-Choppers]

13. Rich Willis used a G4 case and stuck a Mac Mini in it.  Also check out the virtual keyboard. [Technabob]

14. Project BlueIce G4 [Riscx]

15. Dave Veloz’s Mac Mini Mod [SteamPunkWorkshop]

16. Iron Man Mod [Gizmodo]