Former Apple Co-Founder Ronald Wayne Has A Copy Of Apple’s Founding Documents, Apple I Manual, And Purchase Form For Apple II

Posted Dec 17, 2011

Ronald Wayne is the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder that spent less than a week working there. He gave up his shares for $800 and sold a copy of the founding contract of the company for thousands of dollars. The buyer of the contract sold it at a Sotheby’s auction for $1.6 million. That means that Wayne lost out on the opportunity to make millions, possibly billions of dollars in two separate opportunities. But it turns out that he has some other material that could be worth some money as Engadget discovered.

Currently Wayne is 77 years old and he lives in Pahrump, Nevada. He has worked for Atari and a few slot machine companies. He has also developed devices for use on the ocean floor and ran a collectables shop in Northern California. Currently Wayne sells stamps and coins while receiving checks from the government.

Wayne showed the Engadget writers documents stashed in a USPS envelope that could be worth a good amount of money. The documents include pages of plans, pencil drawings of an Apple I enclosure that Steve Jobs asked Wayne to build. There was also a facsimile of the contract signed by Wayne, Woz, and Jobs. Wayne also has the original statement of his withdrawal, which was filed for a $5 fee. The Apple I operation manual with the company’s original logo and the Apple II order form is in Wayne’s possession too. Wayne had designed the original company logo.