Former Google B2B Exec, David Hirsch Launching Metamorphic Ventures For Start-Up Investments

Posted Sep 19, 2008

David Hirsch, a former Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) executive that was in charge of the company’s B2B vertical markets has started up his own venture capital company called Metamorphic Ventures.  Metamorphic Ventures will be focusing on investments in start-up companies revolving around digital media, mobile device applications, and the financial sector.  Hirsch joined Google in 2000 and left about 7 months ago.  Prior to joining Google, Hirsch was part of

Hirsch is working with Lewis Gersh in the venture capital business.  Gersh was already running a venture capital company called Gersh Venture Partners.  Gersh is an investor in and  Hirsch is an investor in Amie Street.  Below is a video of an interview with Hirsch via InformationWeek: