Former Nokia Exec Thomas Zilliacus Is Starting A Mobile Company Called Newkia

Posted Sep 7, 2013

Thomas Zilliacus (pictured above) is a Singapore-based entrepreneur and former Nokia executive that is starting a new mobile company called Newkia.  Zilliacus was Nokia’s Asia-Pacific CEO for seven years.  It is believed that Newkia will embrace the Android platform for their phones, which is a mistake that Zilliacus believes that Nokia made.  Earlier this week, we reported that Microsoft Corporation purchased Nokia for around $7.2 billion.  Zilliacus worked at Nokia for 15 years and was the Asia-Pacific CEO for around 7 of those years.

Mobile FutureWorks, the investment company founded by Zilliacus attempted to buyout Nokia about a year ago, but they were unsuccessful at getting funding.  Zilliacus has already started hiring Nokia Corporation employees that expressed interest in developing for Android.  He has some of Nokia’s ex-staff at his company already.

“What Newkia wants to do is to use Nokia know-how, technology, and design to build the world’s best smartphones, but running on Android,” said Zilliacus.

Newkia wants to launch their first phone within the next year, but that will largely depend on how much money the company can raise and how many employees that they hire.  Newkia plans to set up an R&D team in Finland, but their headquarters will be in Singapore.

[Source: CNET]