Former Right Media CEO Mike Walrath Quitting Yahoo! To Work With Start-Ups Again

Posted Nov 18, 2009

Right Media was acquired by Yahoo! for $680 million in April 2007. Ever since then Yahoo! has not done much with the acquired company. Clearly former Right Media CEO Mike Walrath got fed up because he decided to quit Yahoo!

Walrath was the SVP of advertising strategy when he decided to quit. Walrath said that it was time to move on with his career and he was looking forward to taking time off and working with smaller and innovative companies. Bill Wise, another Right Media executive will be filling in for Walrath.

Wise said that Yahoo! is currently trying to rebrand Right Media to focus on higher quality display advertisers. ?We always thought there would be a maturation phase where Right Media would move more up market and Carol (Bartz) has come in and accelerated the road map,? stated Wise.