Former WikiLeaks Employees To Start A Similar Website Called OpenLeaks

Posted Dec 10, 2010

Now that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is in jail, there has been a shake-up at the company. Assange is being accused of sex crimes in Sweden and for leaking confidential government documents. What is going to happen to WikiLeaks now? Former WikiLeaks employees are starting a different website called OpenLeaks.

OpenLeaks will be led by Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The new website will be different from WikiLeaks. It will accept leaks in a secure and anonymous way, but will not publish all the original documetns. Then they will work with newspapers and web publishers to determine which documents are actually news-worthy. WikiLeaks tend to publish sensitive documents without regard for the safety of the people mentioned in the documents, which is how OpenLeaks will be different. OpenLeaks will strongly assess whether there are lives at stake before releasing documents.

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