Former Yahoo Exec Greg Coleman To Replace Head of AOL Ads Lynda Clarizio

Posted Feb 3, 2009

Lynda Clarizio will be stepping down as the head of AOL’s Platform-A advertising unit and will be replace by Greg Coleman, an advertising executive from Yahoo!  Last week Scott Moore left Yahoo! and took a similar job at Microsoft.  Jeff Dossett of Microsoft left the position open for Moore when he stepped down from Yahoo!

Clarizio was running in Baltimore.  Clarizio wasn’t the type of sales person that they were looking for in terms of making advertising deals.  AOL is having a hard time making the advertising revenue that they were succeeding with in the past.

Coleman was friends with AOL CEO Randy Falco for quite some time.  The hiring was rumored to be requiring the approval of new Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz and Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes due to competitive agreements.  Coleman worked at Yahoo! for seven years.