Forrester CEO Says Jony Ive Or Scott Forstall Would Be Better As Apple Head

Posted Apr 26, 2012

Forrester CEO George Colony has written that Apple’s best days are behind them and said that the company will be headed for the same slump that happened to Sony (post Morita) and Disney (post Walt Disney). “Apple will coast, and then decelerate” wrote Colony on his blog post. Colony referred to “The Theory of Social and Economic Organization,” which says that businesses are either Legal/bureaucratic, Traditional, or Charismatic. He said that Apple fell into the third category because of Jobs’ charisma and willingness to take risks. However he believes that Tim Cook is more of a “legal/bureaucratic” type of guy. Colony said that he believes that somebody like Jony Ive or Scott Forstall would do a better job leading Apple, but he admitted not knowing them personally.