Fortune: Steve Jobs Received Treatment For Neuroendocrine Cancer In 2009

Posted Jan 19, 2011

Fortune has published an interesting article about how Apple CEO Steve Jobs received treatment for neuroendocrine cancer in Switzerland two years ago. In 2009 the whereabouts of Steve Jobs were unknown as the company was releasing some great devices. Those details have been revealed now.

We knew that he had surgery for pancreatic cancer in 2004. He returned and then disappeared again in 2009. The Wall Street Journal revealed that Jobs had a liver transplant at the Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Fortune is now reporting that Jobs also went through an unusual radiological treatment at the University of Basel for neuroendocrine cancer according to Jerry York. York was an Apple director that passed away in March 2010.

York told Fortune writer Doron Levin about Jobs’ treatment in Switzerland, but York wanted this information to be kept out of the news. In April 2010, in a Wall Street Journal article York was believed to be displeased with the lack of transparency over Jobs’ health so he considered resigning from the board.