Foursquare Hits 3 Billion Check-Ins, Will Start Using Real Names On January 28

Posted Dec 30, 2012

Mobile check-in app company Foursquare has hit 3 billion check-ins and they have added 15 million new users in 2012.  The company added reviews to their service back in October to compete against services like Yelp.  Recently Foursquare updated their privacy policy with some changes that will be reflected starting on January 28th.  The company will be using the full names of their users and businesses will have the ability to access longer data logs for individuals.

Foursquare said that they are using full names to the service to be less confusing.  Foursquare has been providing full names when you search for users already.  But when you “click through to their profile page you don’t see their last name.”

Foursquare is providing businesses with the ability with the ability to see more of their recent customers.  In the past, businesses have only been able to see the last three hours of check-ins in addition to the most-recent and most-loyal users.  Many businesses do not check their Foursquare data until the end of the day though.  If you do not want businesses to see your activity, you can disable the feature at:

[Source: Foursquare Blog]