Foursquare Is Offering A “I Voted” Badge During The Upcoming Election

Posted Oct 27, 2010

Foursquare, Google, the Rock the Vote campaign, and the Pew Center have partnered to encourage voting during the upcoming election. Foursquare’s initiative is called “I Voted.” The initiative will track people in real-time that are at polling stations across the country. After voting, people will receive a “I Voted” badge. After that, they can shout out to their friends with the #ivoted hashtag.

The Foursquare data will be tracked on a map and it can be broken down by location and gender. The data will be collected from the 107,000 polling locations across the country. Foursquare has 4 million users and about 60% of that count is U.S. users. The service is going live on November 2nd.

?In 2012, we?ll be able to provide more valuable demographic information because our user base will hopefully continue to grow,? stated Foursquare spokesperson Erin Gleason.

This year Election Day is going to be held on November 2, but early voting options are available. You can learn more about the 2010 Congressional Election on

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