Foursquare Redesigns App To Be All About Discovery

Posted Jun 7, 2012

Foursquare majorly redesigned their app to be all about discovery. The new app was created for “making the real world easier to use.” The old Foursquare app was a great way of logging the places you have been and provide tips for future visitors, but it did not do a great job of helping us find new places.

Foursquare has improved how you can find the activity of your friends including photos, tips, lists, and places.

Check-In Button
The check-in button was moved closer to the thumb. This way users will not feel that Foursquare is moving away from their key feature. The app helps you find more places to check into.

Explore is a great way to find restaurants, coffee shops, and other venues that are around you. This feature directly competes against Yelp and Google Places. The Explore tab tells you where your friends are and where you can find the best deals.

You can search for items in previous check-ins. For example, if you search “sushi,” Foursquare will look at all of the restaurants around you and your previous check-ins to find results for you.