Foursquare’s Self-Service Ads Are Now Available For All Businesses

Posted Oct 14, 2013

Foursquare has opened up self-service ads for all businesses.  In the past, the self-service ads platform was limited to a certain number of companies as of this April.  Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses can use Foursquare Ads to create personalized promotions within news feeds.


The ads will appear in orange and will be labeled as “promoted.”  The ads are targeted based on location of Foursquare users and the likelihood of whether that user would become a customer.  Foursquare bases this on whether an individual checked in there before or if they have searched for a related listing.

Businesses can set up an ad through the Foursquare web platform, set a monthly budget, and then push the promotion live.  The platform will let business owners know when someone has viewed the ad and tapped on it.

[Source: TNW]