Foursquare To Prevent Fraudulent Check-Ins

Posted Apr 8, 2010

Many people have been cheating on Foursquare in order to believe that they deserve to be “Mayor” or in an attempt to get a coupon for local places.

Now Foursquare will soon start matching GPS location on your phone with the actual location. This way the service can verify whether you are sitting at home instead of at the Subway you claim you are at. If the two don’t match, then it is likely you won’t get rewarded the points.

“Now, we?re never going to NOT let you check-in – you can checkin wherever you want, whenever you want – the idea is simply to not award points, mayorships, badges or venue specials if it looks like you didn?t really earn them,” stated Foursquare in a blog post. [Fast Company]