FOX and MySpace Launches uReport With Lots of Missing Content

Posted Apr 20, 2009

Conservative news reporting agency FOX news and social network MySpace have launched a citizen journalism website called uReport.  On uReport, MySpace users can contribute videos, pictures, stories and add their favorite FOX News personalities such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.  So far I think the website design itself looks poorly designed and executed.

There is literally nothing under the World, Entertainment, and Politics section as of right now (screenshot below).  Based on first impression, I would have no reason to come back to the website.  uReport is very similar to the citizen journalism service put together by CNN called iReport.

Using Facebook, CNN iReport contributors can send footage, photos, etc.   Initially iReport had some flaws because someone had posted a story about Steve Jobs having a heart attack.  This caused Apple’s stock to plummet temporarily.  Since that event iReport has been monitored closely.

Both citizen journalism services have their own advantages and disadvantages.  MySpace has over 150 million users and CNN airs in over 100 million households on TV.  Both services are also competing against Twitter users where people are quickly reporting the news and uploading pictures as it happens.

What are your thoughts on uReport?