FOX Gets Fans To Give Feedback Through Passenger Social Network

Posted Jun 23, 2008

“What comes out of this community is that we’re taking 2000 of our loyal viewers and giving them a seat at the table in the decision-making process,” stated Melva Benoit, FOX’s Senior VP of Audience Intelligence and Research Strategy.

FOX Networks, a subsidiary of News Corporation (NYSE:NWS.A) is teaming up with social networking company, Passenger to create a private community for FOX fans.  This private community will give FOX feedback on their marketing/shows.  Over 2,000 FOX fans were invited to preview upcoming shows and networks with TV producers.

This community will have a say in what shows are released by FOX on TV.  The community will also input ideas in FOX’s overall marketing strategies.  Passenger also worked with ABC on a similar initiative. Other high-end brands like Coca-Cola, AMEX, and Mercedes worked with Passenger as well.

“These communities are for very purposeful interaction, which sets them apart from standard communities providing an environment for hanging out,” stated Justin Cooper, co-founder of Passenger.

Passenger was co-founded by Justin Cooper and Andrew Leary.  Passenger have raised $20.5 million in funding thus far [VentureBeat].  Passenger is based in Los Angeles, Calif.