Fox is using the Aereo ruling against Dish

Posted Jun 30, 2014

One day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against streaming TV service Aereo, Fox is going to use the ruling to strike back Dish. Fox cited Wednesday’s ruling to bolster a claim against Dish, which is the third largest pay TV service in America. Dish streams live TV programming over the Internet to subscribers and lets them copy programs to tablets for viewing outside the home.


The Supreme Court’s decision was criticized because it could limit consumer choice and give more power to broadcasters. Oral arguments in this case are scheduled before the 9th circuit court of appeals on July 7th in California.

Dish and Fox have argued that several services offered by Dish including Hopper and AutoHop. Hopper lets customers record all of a prime time broadcasters schedule and AutoHop can be used to skip ads.

This clash revolves around Dish’s Dish Anywhere service and the Hopper DVR “sideloading” feature. Dish Anywhere lets customers watch live TV or the content of their DVR on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

The sideloading feature allows content from a DVR to be transferred to an iPad. The technology was developed by Slingbox, which makes devices that lets customers remotely stream their TV service. Slingbox is owned by Dish’s former parent company and technology partner EchoStar.

The lawyers at Fox believes that the Aereo ruling will strengthen the case against Dish. ?Dish, which engages in virtually identical conduct when it streams Fox?s programming to Dish subscribers over the internet ? albeit also in violation of an express contractual prohibition ? has repeatedly raised the same defenses as Aereo which have now been rejected by the supreme court,? said Richard Stone, partner at Jenner & Block. Stone said that the court had specifically rejected Aereo’s assertion that it is just an “equipment provider” and Aereo’s subscribers were the ones that transmitted content.

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[Source: The Guardian]