FOX News Disses Parent Company’s Social Network & Signs With Facebook

Posted Aug 18, 2008

Facebook is ?currently the leading social network? stated Joel Cheatwood, SVP of Development at Fox News. ?They also have a user that?s a little older and a little more sophisticated.?

FOX News, a television subsidiary of News Corporation (NYSE:NWS.A) has made a deal with a social network.  And guess what… It’s not the News Corporation social network subsidiary,  FOX News signed a partnership with MySpace.

Why did FOX News sign with Facebook?  Perhaps this is because MySpace signed a deal with MSNBC speculates The New York Times. 

Tomorrow, Facebook will be launching a channel for FOX News on the social network complete with a wall, reviews, polls, photo submissions, discussion boards, etc.  Through Facebook, FOX News viewers will be able to post individual videos on their profiles, create playlists, and share clips. 

“Facebook’s continued growth and demographic profile makes them an increasingly important alternative outlet for viewers and fans to digest news and customize FNC content in a casual and fun environment,” added Cheatwood. “The enhancements and added features to our existing page will provide current FNC ‘friends’ with a better experience and attract additional Facebook members to make our page an active part of their profile.”

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