FOX News Report Slip Up Becomes YouTube Hit, Ernie Anastos: “Keep F**king That Chicken” [Video]

Posted Sep 18, 2009

Ernie Anastos of FOX News meant to say “keep plucking that chicken,” but ended up saying something that he’ll regret later. Silly anchorman, haven’t you learned from Ron Burgundy that sometimes people tend to trick you with the teleprompter. The video of the slip up on YouTube has become a viral hit and is inching close to about one million views. The engagement curve monitor used by Visible Measures, a video analytics company shows that a lot of people keep rewinding to see if the anchor is saying plucking or not. I thought that this anchor slip up was funny, but the bird feces landing in the reporter’s mouth was the funniest of all time. What is your favorite anchor man slip up of all time? Bill O’Reilly’s “we’ll do it live?”

Below is the video of the slip: