FOX Twitter Experiment FAIL!

Posted Sep 5, 2009

Late last month, I wrote about how FOX plans to place Twitter messages on the re-runs of Glee and Fringe. I wrote that it was a good idea, but it turns out that whoever designed the appearance of the Twitter responses and messages for the TV show did a terrible job.

The Twitter messages controlled a large chunk of the screen real estate and even covered the faces of some of the characters. On the forums over at, an anoynmous commenter wrote that the Twitter pop-ups was the “most annoying thing I have ever seen.” Another commenter wrote “take it off the screen so we can see the show.”

What I would have done differently if I was in charge of this experiment was to make a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen. Having pop-ups over the characters faces does not do any good for Twitter or the show itself.