Foxconn Facility Now Being Constructed In Zhengzhou

Posted Aug 3, 2010

A Foxconn Technology Group factory is being constructed at the Henan Province in China. The Taiwanese company is moving its operations closer to inland China. The factory cost about $100 million to build and it is owned by Futaihua Precision Electronics (Zhengzhou) Co. Ltd. This factory will be used to mostly build the Apple iPhone.

About 500 employees are working on a production line at a temporary workshop that Foxconn rented from the government while the factory is being built. Construction of the permanent plant factory will begin on August 20th. This factory is expected to create an export volume worth about $13 billion. The factory will employ 200,000 employees and will pump out about 200,000 cell phones per day. The name of the plant will be Pingzhen. Ping means peace and Zhen means calm.

The plant workers will live in a few seven-story buildings that are several hundred meters away from the factory. These workers will also have access to fitness facilities, reading rooms, and TV rooms.