Foxconn Paying Family Of Suicidal Man $52,600 Plus $4,000 Per Year

Posted Jul 28, 2009

Last week a man at the Foxconn plant committed suicide because an iPhone prototype went missing.  Foxconn is a manufacturing plant that builds gadgets for Nintendo, HP, and Apple.  Due to the man killing himself over an incident that took place at work, the company will be giving compensation to his family.  The suicidal man’s family will receive $52,600 plus $4,000 per year afterwards.  The man’s girlfriend was also given an Apple laptop.

Twenty five year old Sun Danyong jumped off a high-rise apartment in South China last week after executives at Foxconn questioned him about where an iPhone prototype had gone missing.  Sun was responsible for sending the phone to Apple.  Critics have also blamed this incident on Apple’s devotion to secrecy on all of their products until release date.

Foxconn’s suspended security chief Gu Qinming admitted to once grabbing Sun by the shoulder, but denied ever beating him.  Before committing suicide, Sun claimed that security at Foxconn had beat and abused him.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg also reported that 45 out of 83 of Apple’s factories in China did not pay adequate overtime pay.  Twenty three of those factories paid workers less than minimum wage.  Apple has been working on ensuring fairer practices to their factory workers overseas.